R.I.P. Donna Summer

Donna Summer passed away yesterday of lung cancer at the age of 63. She will best be remembered for her string of disco hits in the Seventies, including “Last Dance,” “MacArthur Park,” and “Bad Girls.” I was always bummed when “MacArthur Park” came on the radio because that song seemed to go on FOREVER! I remember singing “TOOT TOOT, heeeeeeey, BEEP BEEP!” with my friends in the junior high locker room. We thought it scandalous that “Bad Girls” was about ladies of the evening. But “Last Dance” in particular reminds me of being a child of the Seventies, listening to the AM stations on my parents’ old 60s radio that I had sitting atop my radiator cover in my childhood bedroom. I loved how it started out slow and then built up to a frenzied disco beat. It’s my favorite song of hers. Rest in Peace, Donna.


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