Dove Beauty Bar

The classic Dove Beauty Bar has been a staple of women’s beauty regimens since it was first introduced in the 1950s. For decades they’ve touted their classic little white bar “with one-quarter moisturizing cream” as a less-drying alternative to soap (Dove is technically not soap, since they remove the glycerin that is a natural by-product of soap and replace it with other moisturizers). Dove was also a staple in my family’s house when I was growing up. I remember seeing the boxes of Dove in my mother’s linen closet. I’ve always loved soap, and those bars had a special allure for me. I couldn’t wait until it was time to open a new bar, because then I could tear off the paper wrapper, rip open the box, and release the white, creamy, scented goodness that lurked within. I also loved the curved shape of the bar. It fit perfectly in the hand, making it more fun to use.

Dove has come a long way since that little white beauty bar. Today Dove is the Number One cleansing brand in America. They offer not only the classic beauty bar, but a variety of skin, hair, and body care products. In 2004, Dove pioneered their “Campaign for Real Beauty” campaign. For decades, skincare and makeup companies had been promising to make women look more beautiful if they purchased their products. Dove went against conventional advertising practices, and began to celebrate women for who they really are, no matter how young or how old they are. They also set up the Self-Esteem Fund to promote self-esteem among young women. Today Dove teaches young girls that beauty has no conventional standard, nor an age limit. And I still wash my face with that little white beauty bar.


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