Camay soap has been around since 1926. The distinctive pink bar with the profile of a woman’s head has been a staple of many women’s beauty regimens for generations. When I was a kid, Camay was an important part of my bath time routine. I remember watching an episode of “The Sonny and Cher Show” in which Cher made a joke about scratching the word “Camay” into the soap with her fingernail in the bath. I could totally relate because I did that too! The woman’s profile on the bar of Camay has changed over the years to reflect the hairstyles of the times. In the Seventies, she had a full, short bob haircut that was tapered to a point at the ends.

They still make Camay, although it’s become increasingly hard to find. sells it, and based on the customer reviews, Camay has got quite the loyal following. I recently bought a bar, just for old time’s sake. Although the profile on the bar has changed dramatically, the smell instantly brought back memories of my childhood.


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