Music Monday: Paul McCartney and Wings

“Maybe I’m Amazed” appeared on the 1970 album “McCartney.” It was Paul McCartney’s first solo album, released as the Beatles were breaking up. But “Maybe I’m Amazed” wasn’t released as a single, at least not the studio version. In 1976, Paul McCartney and Wings released a live version of the song as a single. It was recorded during Wing’s 1976 tour of America and appeared on the “Wings Over America” album. I love the live version of this song because of the part after the lines “Baby I’m a man, and maybe you’re the only woman who could ever help me, baby won’t you help me to understand,” where he sings “oooh-oooooh-oooh-oooh-oooh-waaaaaah.” McCartney didn’t sing it in the original 1970 studio recording. Paul McCartney wrote “Maybe I’m Amazed” for his wife Linda, whom he credited with helping him get through a difficult time during the Beatles’ breakup. Years after her death it’s still a touching tribute to the woman who really was the love of his life.


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