Lip Smackers

Bonne Bell sure had a goldmine on their hands in the Seventies with Lip Smackers. Every girl I knew in junior high had at least one. My friends and I had several. These were the days before everyone and their mother were marketing lip balms, so the only choices were Lip Smackers and ChapStik. So naturally Lip Smackers were a huge hit with young girls. In those days Lip Smackers used to come in giant sizes as well as the regular size of lip balm tubes. There’s even an episode of Rhoda where Rhoda and her family are trapped somewhere, I think it was a cabin, without food. Rhoda pulls out her giant Strawberry Lip Smacker and tells everyone not to worry.

For a while in the Nineties, Lip Smackers had lost the “je ne sais quois” that had made them so much fun. Most of the branded food or soda flavors, like Dr. Pepper and Good ‘n Plenty, disappeared. The flavors that remained were the usual fruit flavors, which were kind of boring. But today it looks as though Bonne Bell is trying to restore Lip Smackers to their former glory in a market glutted with lip balms. I noticed some of the soda flavors like Dr. Pepper and 7 Up are back, although I still miss Bubblegum and Birthday Cake. The larger size has even returned, at least with the Dr. Pepper flavor, although it doesn’t look as big as I remember it, which means either it’s smaller than it used to be, or I’m bigger than I used to be.


One Comment on “Lip Smackers”

  1. […] paired them together). What I flash back to are a set of images: Feathered hair and big sunglasses, Bonne Bell lip gloss (in watermelon or strawberry), Dr. Scholl’s strappy sandal clogs, tube tops and halters, […]

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