Music Monday: Starland Vocal Band

The Starland Vocal Band were like the ABBA of America, being comprised of two married couples. This song was a huge hit for them in 1976. I remember the constant airplay this song received. But being ten years old, the real meaning of the song was completely lost on me.

Watching this video in the present day, I can’t help but think that those are some ugly shirts, tight trousers, and a bad afro on one guy. And what’s with the extreme close-up on the guy with the afro’s face? On the heels of this hit single, the Starland Vocal Band were given a six-week variety show. I watched it, but I don’t remember it being for six weeks. I remember it going off on bizzare or surreal tangents. In particular, I remember a scene where one of the female members of the band is running around like she’s searching for something. Maybe that’s why I only watched it once. Does anyone else remember their television show?


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