Music Monday: Gerry Rafferty

When I heard the news in January that Gerry Rafferty passed away, I was immediately reminded of 1978 and “Baker Street.” As a child who listened mostly to Beatle records, “Baker Street” was one of the contemporary songs that inspired me to delve more fully into the music of the present. When the song came on over the radio, I held up my portable Radio Shack cassette tape recorder and taped it so I could listen to it over and over again. In particular, “Baker Street” reminds me of the summer of 1978 (it went to #2 on the Billboard Charts on August 24). It conjures up memories of riding my bike to friends’ houses, attending summer day camp, and hanging out at the bay near my house, where the lifeguard would play his transistor radio. Rafferty had many other great songs that I also loved, including “Right Down the Line” and “Stuck in the Middle with You,” but “Baker Street” reminds me the most of a particular time and place that were very special to me. Rest in peace, Gerry.


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