Music Monday – The Sex Pistols

The Seventies weren’t all about disco. In 1976, a new genre emerged on the music scene, much to the horror of The Establishment and parents everywhere. With a sneering lead singer named Johnny Rotten (so-called because he supposedly didn’t brush his teeth) and attitudes to match, The Sex Pistols were the first punk band to rise to prominence because they were so “in your face” (they also had a manager, Malcolm McLaren, who was a PR whiz). But the genre had been germinating since at least 1974 with bands like The Ramones and The New York Dolls (incidentally, also briefly managed by McLaren, who subsequently returned to London and put the Sex Pistols together).

Punk was the antithesis of disco. It was loud, often violent, and always shocking. Although the Sex Pistols were the most notorious of the bunch, they weren’t the most technically proficient when it came to the music. But they influenced a generation of young musicians and led to the establishment of truly memorable bands who put musicality before shock value, such as The Buzzcocks, the Clash, and The Saints.


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